Classic Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Figure Box Sets Stomping Soon

As audiences currently enjoy the photo-realistic CG-fest that is Godzilla vs Kong in theaters and on HBO, old-school kaiju fans treasure memories of the “man in suit” movies. The Showa era of Godzilla movies includes many of the best-known monster mash-ups to reach the U.S. on network TV. Usually badly edited and cheesily dubbed, they nonetheless made lifelong Godzilla fans out of generations of kids. And if not the best, the “most” monster movie was easily Destroy All Monsters, in which many old favorites rumbled with some newer contenders.

As such, it’s the best Showa era film to make toys of, and Mezco has done just that. With new four-figure sets, the company has enshrined several classics in plastic. Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah naturally make for no-brainers, and get joined by Anguirus, Baragon, Gorosaurus, and Godzilla’s son Minilla. So as not to break anyone’s budget, Mezco has spread the figures across two $85  box sets. Godzilla/Rodan/Mothra/Anguirus, and Ghidorah/Baragon/Gorosaurus/Minilla.

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The Destroy All Monsters figures stand around four inches, as part of Mezco’s Five Points line, named for the amount of articulation. For more posing options, however, they come with interchangeable limbs. Baragon can stand upright or crawl with alternate head and hands, while Godzilla and Minilla have alternate arms. And Rodan boasts three separate headsculpts. The monsters who need them all come with various breath blasts, or in Mothra’s case, a web.

Preorder now for delivery sometime this winter. Christmas not guaranteed, unfortunately. But any fan of big monsters fighting out would delight in this gift at any time of year. Take a gander at more images in our gallery below.

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