Susan Sarandon on Speed Racer

It’s all about the need for speed for Susan Sarandon in her next film, Speed Racer. She’ll be playing ‘Mom’ in the new adaptation from Andy and Larry Wachowski and Joel Silver.

While promoting the drama, In the Valley of Elah, Hype! had a chance to speak with Susan about her role in the live-action flick opposite Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci and the rest of the cast – which she just finished shooting. “I just flew in from Berlin to be here with you. [The Wachowskis] just called me because they’re having their wrap party, and they’re missing me. But it was a good experience. It was an interesting summer and I got to know Berlin well.”

Her experience working with Andy and Larry, she says, was unlike any before – big surprise. “So odd and so fun; they complement each other. There’s something kind of great that you have someone who you absolutely trust like your brother who you can bounce ideas off of and finish each other’s sentences ’cause you’re not so lonely making these decisions. But they’re very funny and very sweet; I think it’s going to have a lot of heart – the film – because they really care about family. They come from a very tight family, and they came to visit – a very oddball family. It was fun and humbling because I didn’t have much to do. It was a whole new experience which is why I did it, ’cause it’s massive and it’s technical and style. But I love the Wachowskis, I really do; and the cast was really sweet, and I’ve certainly never worked with a chimp before.”

Susan also mentioned her time in Germany was good, but “I’m glad to be home now; I’m starting a film with my daughter (Eva Amurri in ‘Middle of Nowhere’) in the fall and then the Peter Jackson thing (‘The Lovely Bones’) around Christmas.”

You can check out Speed Racer on May 9, 2008, and In the Valley of Elah in theaters September 21st.

Source: Steven Chupnick