The 10 Worst Superhero Movie Supporting Characters



CHARACTER: Fergee (Rob Schneider)

Even during his heyday in the ’90s, it was apparent that Rob Schneider was not the comedic find of the decade. Before the SNL star became permanent second banana to Adam Sandler, he was Sylvester Stallone’s pet sidekick in both Demolition Man and Judge Dredd, though in the grimy future dystopia of Mega City 1 Schneider’s antics as, yes, a wacky computer hacker seem particularly anachronistic.

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CHARACTER: Barbara Wilson/Batgirl (Alicia Silverstone)

“Chicks like you give women a bad name.” They sure do, Batgirl, if you’re referring to yourself. As if it wasn’t weird enough that her dear old Uncle Alfred designed a leather fetish outfit (complete with a pointy Madonna breastplate) for her to fight some crime in, Silverstone seems to be aware that she’s in a bad movie (she is) from the get-go. If you look closely between each disinterested/Diazepam-hazy line delivery you can almost see the Clueless actress eyeing the door to the studio so she can call her agent to complain.

Holy over-the-top acting, Batman! The actor on the next page literally chewed up the scenery, along with the embarrassing movie that ended Sean Connery’s career!