11 Characters Marvel Studios Should Consider for a Female-Led Movie

elsa bloodstone marvel


Now that Marvel has kicked open the door to the cosmic side of things with Guardians of the Galaxy, is it too much to ask that they drop the curtain on their monsters? Doctor Strange could provide a window to this, of course, but if we’re going to have vampires and werewolves, why not dive head first into it all with the best monster hunter? Elsa Bloodstone is introduced to the world of monster hunting after her father dies and leaves his home, the infamous Bloodstone House, to her in his will. There Elsa meets her father’s friends and staff, who are actually vampires and the Frankenstein monster. Inside the manor, Elsa learns about her father’s legacy and is gifted with the Bloodgem, an artifact she wears on a choker.

Bloodstone has a number of enhanced abilities, strength, speed, etc, which she gained genetically from her mostly immortal father. The Bloodgem also further enhances her, including acting as a deterrent toward vampires despite the fact that her blood is already toxic to the creatures of the night. Elsa also uses a variety of weapons to take on the dark side of the Marvel U, from swords and crossbows to shotguns and rifles, nothing is off limits.

Sure, the monster world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be brought to life with Blade, but after three films and a short-lived TV series, why not try someone else? From vampires to werewolves and mummies to zombies, nothing is too scary for Elsa Bloodstone, and the character would no doubt bring a unique perspective to the most colorful world of the MCU.

She may not have super powers, but our #3 is a perfect fit for the MCU. Find out who on the next page!