The Dark Knight vs. the Films of 2012

By 1998, Batman had already battled against Predator three different times and it seemed like it was about time for him to take on the Xenomorphs from Alien instead (Superman already had, three years earlier). A two issue miniseries, Ron Marz and Bernie Wrightson’s Batman/Aliens brings the Dark Knight to the Amazon rainforest where he and group of mercenaries come face to face with the interstellar terror that has emerged from a crashed spaceship.
If that doesn’t seem a bit over-the-top, wait until 2003’s sequel, Batman/Aliens 2 from Ian Edginton & Staz Johnson. There, a crazed scientist winds up crossing the Xenomorphs with Batman’s rogues gallery creating, among several others, a Joker-alien.
Batman would then get some help against the aliens in 2007’s Superman and Batman vs. Aliens and Predator and battled against both solo (albeit unofficially) in the popular 2003 fan-film Batman: Dead End by Sandy Collora (which SuperHeroHype covered nearly a decade ago).