The Dark Knight vs. the Films of 2012

Did you know that Batman once got abducted by aliens?
In the late ’90s, alien abductions were all the rage in pop culture and Alan Grant (whose name also appears later in this crossover list) scripted the prestige-format Batman: The Abduction wherein Bruce returns from a night of patrolling to realize that he’s experienced missing time.
Becoming obsessed with UFOs (and treating the reader to a several page discussion of their alleged real-life sightings throughout history) Batman winds up attending (in disguise) a UFO convention. Who’s that standing on the edge of the frame? It’s two very familiar-looking men in black suits who just maybe starred a major summer blockbuster the previous year.
Batman doesn’t actually confront Agents J and K, but he does, oddly enough, have a fight with Bruce Lee in the very same issue. Suffice to say, it’s one of the stranger moments in modern Batman comics.
A few years later, Grant would take Batman to Area 51 in the story’s 2000 followup, Batman: Dreamland.