9 Things You May Not Know About The Dark Knight Series

Some of these are easier to spot than others but they’re all equally as fun for the fans. One of the more obvious and well known is that of Victor Zsasz, the demented serial killer from Batman lore who tallies his victims on his body. He can be seen in both the courtroom sequence as well as in the Arkham escape later on in the film. There’s also the matter of the ending sequence that teases the Joker’s arrival in the sequel The Dark Knight. If you look closely at the evidence bag containing the Joker card, the officer’s ‘name’ on the bag reads as ‘J. Kerr,’ one of Joker’s many favorite aliases.
One from The Dark Knight that you wouldn’t notice the first time you watch it (or even the second or third). In the chase sequence through Gotham’s streets with the SWAT van and the Circus trailer, a funny little cameo pops up for viewers really paying attention. After the Joker moves his dead driver out of the driver’s seat and takes over, the bullet holes in the glass make a smiley face. Didn’t see that did you? Now you’ll never be able to not see it. 
Another Dark Knight Easter egg concerns a one off character that isn’t in the film very much, Coleman Reese. If you recall he is referred to more than once as “Mr. Reece” which doesn’t seem like much at first, but if you hear it with the right ears it sounds like “Mysteries” which could be a nod to the Riddler (though he obviously didn’t show up in one of Nolan’s films).
One more that you’ve no doubt seen thus far in the trailer, and if you haven’t you’ll dig it, is from The Dark Knight Rises during the sequence in the football stadium. There is a row of fans holding up letters that spell out Rogues (for the Gotham City football team) and the R looks mighty familiar. It was a clever one not even created by the production, but by a fan instead!
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