Chris Evans Talks Snowpiercer Cuts

The internet community was quite stunned last week when news came that Harvey Weinstein is cutting as much as 20 minutes from Bong Joon-Ho’s thriller Snowpiercer. The Weinstein Company hasn’t discussed the topic officially, but sources say that the cuts are being made to make the film “more accessible” to audiences throughout the United States, though many have interpreted this as “dumbing down” the film.

Speaking with our friends at Collider, star Chris Evans had this to say about the reported cuts:

“I’ve not spoken to him (Weinstein) yet, but it was certainly a topic of discussion over in Korea. I love the movie. I’ve only seen the whole 125 minute version and it’s beautiful, it’s just beautiful. I love Bong and Tilda Swinton is not human, but I’ve heard he’s looking to cut some things down. It’s tricky…This is the tricky part about making movies. There’s usually a method to Harvey’s madness. I just got back from Korea so I want to go in and see, I’ve got to see a lot of things and I’d love to have a discussion with him, it’s one of those things that’s just tricky.”

The film, based on the French graphic novel “Le Transperceneige,” is set in a future where, after a failed experiment to stop global warming, an Ice Age kills off all life on the planet except for the inhabitants of the Snow Piercer, a train that travels around the globe and is powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine. A class system evolves on the train but a revolution brews.

Chris Evans, Song Kangho, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, Ewen Brewmner, Alison Pill, John Hurt and Ed Harris star in the thriller. A North American release date has yet to be set.