9 Things to Consider for the Superman/Batman Movie

#9 How does this help pave the road for future Batman/Justice League/Superman Movies?
David Goyer is one of the few involved with Man of Steel that would speak about its potential for opening up a larger universe with all the characters. Specifically, he said this: “Warner Bros. has hopes that there will be more Man Of Steel films, and that this will be the beginning of a shared universe. We could meet Batman, or Wonder Woman, or the Justice League in these movies.” 
The problem with throwing Batman and Superman together is the same problem that the comic books have with organizing the characters into teams, the tone. Batman and Superman have drastically different story tones when they’re in their own stories and they work in their own context. Bringing them together creates a different tone altogether, especially if the rest of the Justice League is there too. This combination movie will affect the future of all other solo Batman and Superman movies, especially if it’s a hit.
This also presents the problem of introducing more characters. We already know that Batman can carry his own film, his movies combined have grossed over $3.5 billion at the global box office. Why waste the opportunity of expanding your film universe with a character that has a proven track record? WB is certainly thinking more people will go see a Superman movie if Batman is in it. Why not take this time to bring in a hero that hasn’t been on the big screen though? Why not Aquaman or Wonder Woman? We know a Batman movie is coming anyway, why not expand the universe with new characters? Establish credibility with the characters we haven’t seen. Show the movie-going public that Wonder Woman will work on the big screen by bringing her in with Superman and then push her off into her own film. 
These are all the things that came to my mind when thinking about the Man of Steel sequel and what it means. What do you think of the news? Are you excited? Nervous? Upset? Let it all out in the comments below.