9 Things to Consider for the Superman/Batman Movie

#8 How will each character influence the other?
This isn’t so much a critique of the story choice for the film, but in the execution of this story. Batman and Superman have always been good friends in the source material and it only makes sense to translate that for the film. The primary reason? They can learn a lot from each other. Superman is trying to cope with his powers and hide among the people while Batman is trying to break out from being a regular person and become a hero. Batman is a master of hiding among the people and he could really teach Clark a thing or two about it.
This might seem controversial, but I think the morality of the two characters will come into play as a major theme in the film. Superman’s execution of  Zod in Man of Steel was the focus of a lot of negativity from fans, while some defended it by saying “Superman had no other option.” I’m not suggesting that Superman learns killing is bad from Batman, but that Batman’s “No killing rule” should influence Superman’s thinking. He should learn that there are always alternatives to taking lives and that he should search for those anytime he’s in a fight.
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