9 Things to Consider for the Superman/Batman Movie

#7 So, why are they fighting?
As I mentioned earlier, WB has already promised to the fans that this movie is about Batman and Superman fighting. Even if they don’t think they’ve promised it, the expectation for punches has been set. There are a few ways to make this story work, but it’s a matter of their translation to the big screen.
A common trope for getting Superman and Batman to fight is that one is under the influence of some sort of mind control. It’s been utilized many times throughout the comic books, with Superman being the one controlled more often than not. Does this jive with the world Goyer and Snyder have created? Not in it’s basic sense of “mind control,” but they’re smart enough to think of a way to make it work, especially in a world where a hard drive containing the history and genetic code for an entire race can be uploaded into a baby. Should mind control play into the movie at all it once again brings up the question, who is the audience supposed to cheer for?
Another reason these two have fought in the past, and quite recently in the comics, is because they had never met and didn’t know who the other was. This seems like a logical place to take the film, but it really only has enough juice to last for the first act, it’s not something that can carry a 160 minute movie for its entirety. It really won’t work if they’re fighting the entire time and at the end decide to team up to stop the real enemy – some members of the audience will expect this, but it will certain feel like a cheap out to many of us.
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