9 Ways Man of Steel Makes a DC Movie Universe More Difficult

8. Warner Bros and DC Entertainment REALLY Need to Get Moving on Some Decisions

Let’s face it. Both companies have really been dragging their feet on making decisions and announcements. The 2015 Justice League wasn’t even a solid commitment because nothing was ever confirmed and Warner Bros. never jumped on a date, and now they’re looking to follow highly-anticipated sequels and big movies like The Avengers 2 and Star Wars: Episode VII and possibly even Jurassic Park 4 if they try to get Man of Steel 2 ready for 2015.

As some of you might remember, after the success of Iron Man, Marvel Studios made an announcement on the following Monday of opening weekend to shareholders basically laying out the next three years leading up to The Avengers. Those were the days. In recent years, they’ve been enigmatically proactive about grabbing release dates even before they were ready to announce the movies as we saw recently when they grabbed the coveted kick-off weekends both for 2016 and 2017 following their 2015 summer kick-off for Avengers 2. Sony is now doing the same thing for their Spider-Man movies without even having screenplays or directors in place.

One Solution: Warner Bros. REALLY needs to make some big announcements at Comic-Con and grab some dates for other movies, start committing to some of them and making them. If they’re going to jump into Man of Steel 2, announce it and grab a date, commit to the next solo movie if you’re going to do one. Moviegoers will certainly be curious about seeing Wonder Woman and The Flash on the big screen following their take on Superman and knowing that they’ll all be coming together for a Justice League movie. Keep that excitement going before Marvel cranks out their next few movies or you’ll just find yourselves further behind them.

9. There’s Still That Awful Green Lantern Movie Out There… Do You Bring Ryan Reynolds Back or Does He Join Eric Bana and Edward Norton in the Superhero Unemployment Line?

This is probably one of the questions that Warner Bros. is going to have to ponder before they move forward with Justice League, because as a company, they may still be smarting from how poorly received their attempt at a Green Lantern movie was. Personally, I don’t see them replacing Reynolds as quickly and wantonly as Marvel replaced Terrence Howard in Iron Man 2, nor do I think that’s a role that necessarily needs to change actors as frequently as the Batman franchise did pre-Bale.

One Solution: Bite the bullet and bring back Ryan Reynolds. His casting wasn’t the biggest problem with the Green Lantern movie and he’s actually a good actor who could bring some much-needed chemistry and comic timing to a group dynamic. Let Reynolds know he’s wanted and make an announcement so that when Reynolds is doing press for his next few movies he can keep fan excitement going rather than just using all his interview time to talk about Deadpool, another Marvel character.

Anyway, those are my personal thoughts on what Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have to face ahead. I have a feeling that plenty of brighter minds at both companies have thought of many of these very things and hopefully they’ll look at what Marvel Studios has been doing and start to commit and make some announcements so that the fans aren’t kept in the dark for too long. Keeping fans and moviegoers excited is paramount to having a hit as we saw with Man of Steel, but having a successful Wonder Woman or Flash or Justice League movie is a tougher uphill battle that they should address sooner rather than later to avoid another Green Lantern movie.