9 Superhero Movies That Should Be Remade

Editor’s note: Yes, yes, Jonah Hex isn’t technically a superhero, but for the purposes of this article he counts.
Poor Jonah, like so many great characters before him his only tenure on the big screen came in the form of a terrible film. Even worse for Jonah, what we got instead of a proper Hex movie was a Wild Wild West clone with more swearing and equal amounts of innuendo. Jonah Hex is not the typical comic book character since he possesses no powers, though they tried to give him some in the film, and his stories take place in post-Civil War America. Throughout his life, Hex has done all manner of jobs and tasks around the country, from his service in the Confederate army to his many years of bounty hunting even to his years growing up in an Apache tribe.
We’ve learned that the key to making a good comic book movie is to take the material seriously, to have respect for the characters. Jonah Hex and the previously mentioned Green Hornet and Swamp Thing are prime examples of films where there was clearly not much respect for the source. The filmmakers like the principle idea and made their own corny version of it. After the recent success of True Grit and Django Unchained, there’s no reason that a serious approach to Jonah Hex couldn’t work. We’re living in an age where you can’t just take a comic book property and limp along to the finish line. We have standards for these things now.
Likelihood of happening: Unless Warner Bros. calls me right now to make this movie, it is probably dead in the water.