9 Things You May Not Know About the Iron Man Series

The director for Iron Man 3 is responsible for making some of the most memorable action movies of the ’80s and ’90s. Though Black has only directed one other film (the brilliant Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) he’s also helped craft Tony Stark since the first film in the series.
“Robert would take scenes on ‘Iron Man 1’ and go over to Shane’s house and just ask Shane about them,” said Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. “And Shane would give some great input to it and the one that I remember most clearly was the scene at the beginning of act two in ‘Iron Man 1.’ Tony’s returned from Afghanistan and he says is that he wants to do a press conference…He talks about his father a little bit, in the ramp up to announcing that he is no longer making weapons and much of that scene was written and inspired by the conversations with Shane Black.  He was always sort of there helping and guiding in the background, particularly for Robert, for his character. “
That’s not where Black’s help with the franchise ended though. Black continued to aid with the construction of the film with its first sequel as he offered an idea that would shape the film. Citing that the Tony’s actions should be inspired in part by atomic bomb developer J. Robert Oppenheimer, Black helped make the character more relatable and human in the sequel.
When Favreau announced he wouldn’t be returning for the third film, Feige says Black was always on Marvel’s radar to pick up the reins. “When it came time to find a new filmmaker for ‘Iron Man 3,’ I won’t say he was the first person we thought of because you always start with a list and you go through a lot of names.  Frankly, we had no idea if Shane would be interested or not and when it became clear that Shane was interested and we began taking meetings with him, it became clear that we had to do this.”
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Iron Man 3 is now showing in many international markets and opens domestically the evening of May 2nd.
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