9 Things You May Not Know About the Iron Man Series

It’s hard to imagine anyone else in the role of Tony Stark besides Robert Downey Jr. In fact, director Jon Favreau couldn’t think of anyone else that he wanted for the part besides Downey for some specific reasons.
“We didn’t want to just go with a safe choice,” Favreau said in an interview with USA Today back in 2008. “The best and worst moments of Robert’s life have been in the public eye. He had to find an inner balance to overcome obstacles that went far beyond his career. That’s Tony Stark. Robert brings a depth that goes beyond a comic-book character who is having trouble in high school, or can’t get the girl. Plus, he’s simply one of the best actors around.”
Downey echoed this sentiment himself. “I’m more diligent than I used to be. I want to show Jon he was right to have faith in me. Whatever questions might have arisen about my life weren’t issues with him.” We think he made the right choice.
(Photo Credit: WENN.com)