9 Superhero Movies That Almost Happened

9 Superhero Movies That Almost HappenedYou may not know this, but the only reason that the character Dazzler was created is because of KISS. The rock band proved to be so popular in comic book form that Casablanca Records worked with Marvel to create a character that was a singer and they would find someone to fill the role as this character to sell records. After they agreed on this, there was a deal on the table to turn Dazzler into a Saturday morning cartoon. It’s like they were printing their own money!
In the wake of this challenge Marvel created Dazzler, a mutant who could turn sounds into light and energy beams, which sounds like a stupid power but when used right it can be really awesome. The character became quite popular in the comic book form with her self-titled series lasting more than forty issues.
Marvel editor Jim Shooter was given the task of turning this character into an animated special, but then he learned those plans had been scrapped and they wanted a feature film instead. Bo Derek signed on to play the character, which ended up causing a bidding war among the studios. Marvel would then hire Leslie Stevens of “The Outer Limits” fame to write the script, even though Shooter had already written a draft. The next nail in the coffin was when Bo Derek demanded that her husband John Derek direct the film, which killed the movie. Derek left the project and Marvel tried to drum up interest with Stevens’ script and Daryl Hannah attached as the singing mutant, but that went nowhere fast. In the wake of not having a feature film to promote, Jim Shooter took his original idea for the film and turned it into an original graphic novel for the character called “Dazzler The Movie.”
Shooter wrote about the experience on his blog.
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