9 Superhero Movies That Almost Happened

9 Superhero Movies That Almost HappenedThis is the last entry on the list that you will see David Goyer’s name, I promise, but of all the previously mentioned films this is the one that could have been the sweetest. Goyer and writer Justin Marks (who has made a carreer of writing giant films that have never been made) were hired in 2004 and wrote a script simply titled Super Max – it was later changed to Green Arrow: Escape From Super Max. The script had a logline that should make comic fans salivate: “When the vigilante known as Green Arrow is framed for murder, he’s imprisoned in the Supermax Penitentiary for Metahumans, where he must team-up with the super criminals he once captured if he wants to escape and clear his name.”
When it still looked like the project might happen, Marks elaborated on what it would have been like (via MTV). “It’s a very, very awesome prison. I majored in architecture in college, and design is how I actually started in. For ‘Super Max,’ designing that prison, it had to be the kind of thing that was a character in and of itself. We’re in a world where instead of just trying to contain a guy who’s really big, you’re trying to contain a guy who can — in the case of Icicle — who can freeze things. What kind of a cell would a guy like that need in order to have his powers neutralized? So to escape from Super Max they have got to go through the most elaborate heist we’ve ever seen, involving superpowers. Because the prison itself kind of has superpowers!”
The film is said to have included several A, B, and C-List villains and heroes from the DC universe including Icicle, Amanda Waller, Gemini, The Pied Piper, The Riddler, Lex Luthor, and The Joker. At the time this looked like Warner Bros.’ answer to what Marvel Studios had just started doing, but the project slowly went away and will likely never be heard from again.
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