9 X-Men Movies Fox Should Make

Two things that are almost guarantees at the box office: X-Men movies and dinosaur movies. Combining the two might yield one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. All hyperbole aside, a movie that can harness the awesome action of an X-Men film and combine it with the jungle locale and inhabitants of Jurassic Park is something only a liar would say they don’t want to see.
Picture it, a bright morning, you see a large island full of blossoming trees surrounded by only water. There are no visible buildings on the island, just acres of dense jungle. A familiar voice says a distress beacon was activated in the unexplored regions of the Savage Land. The thunderous hum of the X-Jet fills the air as it flies toward the island. It lands in a small opening in the jungle and out steps the fan’s favorite characters from the previous films: Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Rogue, Ice Man, Colossus, and Beast. Think of it as an Escape From New York-style action movie set in the backdrop of a Jurassic jungle with sabertooth tigers, dinosaurs, and other horrific mutants. That’s how I’d sell it at least.
A film set in the Savage Land would be best served as a stand-alone feature, but that doesn’t mean it can’t venture in to territory yet to be explored by the other films. Adding more to the film mythology from the source material is always something that the X-Films have tried to do and there are two big additions that you get with the Savage Land: Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil. Though these two were created as your typical Tarzan/jungle people knock-offs, the fact that they’re tangoing with the X-Men and mutant dinosaurs gives them an edge over similar characters.