Iron Man Turns 50: The Many Armors of Tony Stark

Iron Man – 2008
The first Iron Man film featured three variations on the armor starting with the hand-built armor in the cave. Tony’s Mark II in the film got the design and shape that would be the basis for the rest of the armors, but the Mark III is the slickest and most powerful of the designs. The Mark III armor is the first to use the red and gold color scheme and is used by Tony to defeat Iron Monger.
Iron Man 2 – 2010
Like the first film, Tony uses three new sets of armor throughout the film. The Mark IV is used when he attends the Stark Expo, it’s also the armor he’s wearing while drunk fighting James Rhodes. The Mark V armor is influenced by the ‘Silver Centurion Armor’ and is the first set of armor Stark housed in a briefcase. The Mark VI armor was used by Stark to fight Hammer’s androids in the film’s finale. The cinematic version of the War Machine armor makes its debut in the film as well as an upgraded version of the Mark II.
The Avengers – 2012
The Mark VI armor from Iron Man 2 is what Stark uses through most of the film until he returns to Stark Tower and creates the Mark VII armor. The biggest improvement over this armor from the previous versions is its ability to seek out and form around Stark due to his wearing a homing bracelet. Director Joss Whedon also demanded the Mark VII have a circle arc reactor as opposed to the triangle in the Mark VI.
Iron Man 3 – 2013
The only news armors that have been confirmed for the film are the Mark 42 and the new Iron Patriot armor. What was originally referred to as the Mark XLVII (47), the Mark 42 is said to be heavily influenced by the Extremis armor and also features a higher amount of gold than the previous armors. The new Iron Patriot armor looks to be an upgrade to the War Machine armor with a more patriotic color scheme.
Which of Iron Man’s almost hundreds of armors do you think is the best? Does Tony Stark look like he’s in his fifties? Sound off below.
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