Iron Man Turns 50: The Many Armors of Tony Stark

One of the adjectives that could be used for Tony Stark is selfish but that can’t be totally said about his armor creations. On more than one occasion he has created wholly new designs for friends to use.
War Machine
Besides the conventional Iron Man armor, War Machine (or JRXL-1000) is the most famous Iron Man armor in the history of the character. Created by Tony as a heavily-armed version of the suit and named ‘War Machine,’ it was later co-opted by James Rhodes who has since made the moniker famous. Included in the suit’s ever-growing arsenal are: repulsors, unibeam, twin chain guns, laser blade, wrist-mounted flamethrower, box rocket launcher, tear gas, tracers, flares, smoke grenades, anti-tank rounds, and at one point two chainsaws were added to the suit.
Satellite Armor
Created when Stark was the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. the Satellite Armor was created in the event that a force came to Earth that its heroes couldn’t stop. When a fleet of Skrulls were preparing to attack Earth, Tony gave James Rhodes control of the satellite which was actually a giant set of Iron Man armor in disguise. Rhodes used it in battle and fought off the invading force.
Iron Man 2.0
Though the name may fool you, this was an upgrade to the War Machine armor and was still worn by James Rhodes. This set featured a slew of different ‘modes’ it could use all which offered abilities from several different Iron Man armors all in one package. Included were: Chameleon Mode, Ghost Tech (allowing the armor to phase through walls), Scanner Invisibility, and Combat Mode. The different modes did put a strain on the armor’s power supply and one couldn’t be used while the other was still going.
Iron Patriot
Though technically not built by Tony Stark, this armor was conceived by Norman Osborn for himself. He was forming a new team of Avengers and wanted to channel both Captain America and Iron Man in his own suit, thus the Iron Patriot was born (from an old set of Iron Man armor no less). Osborn may have looked the part for the Iron Patriot, but his modifications and lack of knowledge about the suit made it far less powerful than most of Iron Man’s other suits.
Made by Tony for his long time love interest Pepper Potts. It was created for Pepper after she suffered a shrapnel wound in her chest, the design relied heavily on magnets to relieve her of the pain the injury caused her. As the name implies, the Rescue armor is used primary for search and rescue operations and, at the request of Pepper, features very limited weapons capabilities.
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