Iron Man Turns 50: The Many Armors of Tony Stark

‘Tin Man’ Armor
Created when Tony realized that Ultron had gained control of his armor, the ‘Tin Man’ armor proved to be one of the most powerful sets of armor Stark ever created. The armor could withstand direct impact from missiles and other large scale weaponry but proved no match for Wolverine’s adamantium claws. Visually, the biggest difference in this armor and previous incarnations is the bulky shoulder pads and the coiled design used on Tony’s midsection and legs.
Ablative Armor
Created for use in deep space, the armor differs from the other ‘Space armors’ in that it was created for exploration and scientific discovery as opposed to combat. When the tough ‘Tin Man’ armor was destroyed, the driving force for the Ablative armor was born, as the Ablative armor is attacked it contains a self-repairing apparatus allowing it to constantly be in good shape.
Extremis Armor
In the modern context of Iron Man, this is probably the most well known and popular set of armor. The Extremis armor featured some of the biggest upgrades to the armor not only in terms of weaponry but its connectivity to other machines and convenience in assembling. The armor features ‘summoning’ technology that allows the armor to assemble around Tony at any point. It also features an improved self-healing tech and allowed Stark to remain connected to security systems and other networks.
‘Bleeding Edge’ Armor
Also called ‘Model 37′, this is what Tony refered to as ‘the next step’ after Extremis. The armor is comprised of nanotechnology that is stored inside Tony’s body and assembles into the Iron Man armor when commanded. It also seems to take a page out of Spider-Man’s black suit as the tech could also morph into clothes, other armors, and other people. Bleeding Edge was also capable of detaching from Stark and forming Iron Man armor separate from him.
Model 40
One of the only other examples in Iron Man’s armor that strays from the normal color pattern. It debuted in the recent relaunch of Iron Man’s comic series and features black and gold armor instead of red and gold. The Model 40 armor is more of a ‘liquid metal’ suit that (like many of the other armors) was usually stored in a briefcase. The suit is used by Stark to test out any new ideas he has and is frequently modified by a mobile armory.
Heavy Duty Armor
Another of the latest armors added to the ever growing roster is the first ‘Heavy Duty’ set. It bears somewhat of a resemblance to the Hulkbuster armor but differs in its color and weapon choice. The Heavy Duty Mark I features a mini-gun attached to its left arm and a canon that could extend from the right side. Though it just made its debut in comics last month, the ‘Mark I’ addition to its namesake could mean more heavy duty Iron Man armors in the future.
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