Iron Man Turns 50: The Many Armors of Tony Stark

Space Armor Mark I
The first set of Space Armor was created by Tony to investigate the source of microwaves emitting from a source in space. It looked very similar to the regular Iron Man armor with the same color patterns and design, but was heavier. The first Space Armor only appeared a few times in the comics.
Space Armor Mark II
Ten years later, Stark needed an upgraded version of the armor to repel the Kree armies during “Operation: Galactic Storm” (side note: aptly named for Operation Desert Storm the year before). The upgraded model featured access to the Kree computers and could simulate potential scenarios in the war. The armor used the regular weapons technology that Tony’s armor housed, but also featured a highly-dangerous self-destruct mode.
Space Armor Mark III
One of the latest armors that Tony has created and it debuted just weeks ago. When he decided to join the ranks of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Stark decided he needed to upgrade the armor so that it could survive extended lengths of time in deep space. The armor was also equipped with the an upgraded arc reactor and Stark’s newest A.I.  named P.E.P.P.E.R. It’s also theorized that this armor could appear in this summer’s Iron Man 3.
Stealth Armor Mark I
1981, tensions are high in the Cold War, Communism is seen as a daily threat in the American life, and where does Iron Man have go to? East Germany, of course. Stark is spying on a facility in East Germany and can only do so with his newly formed Stealth Armor. The primary capability of the suit was concealment, and it housed literally no weapons (a first for Iron Man).
Stealth Armor Mark II
Seven years later and the Stealth Armor Mark II is created (once again) to go undetected from Communist forces. Tony travels into Soviet airspace to fight against Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man in a storyline called ‘The Armor Wars.’ Unlike its predecessor, the Mark II featured limited weaponry, including the customary repulsor rays and very limited use of the unibeam. The only other big difference in the design is the addition of the Centurion shoulder pads.
Stealth Armor Mark III
Created specifically to battle T’Challa himself, Black Panther. Unlike every other previous armor, it was created without using metal, instead it used Kevlar and ceramics to create itself. The cloaking aspect of the armor, while inventive, was easily ruined by cleaning supplies being spilled on the armor.
Stealth Armor Mark IV
The latest set of Stealth Armor is quite literally brand new. Appearing just a few weeks ago in Iron Man #3, this set of armor was used to stop a Columbian drug dealer that had purchased a set of the ‘Extremis’ armor (more on that later). Like the other armor, it featured few weapons and was used mostly to blend into the environment, but it did feature a better explanation for why it was capable of blending in: light-bending technology.
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