Hero Chat Episode 6 – February 2, 2013



Love Saga.

I’m way behind on Saga. I think I’ve read the first five but I liked those.

It’s only gotten better.

Anyone who hasn’t read it out there in internet land, the trade of the first six issues is like $9 and well worth it.

One of the cheaper trades you’ll find these days.

I wonder if that’ll become a movie… movies based on Brian K. Vaughn properties are jinxed I have the comics but I do recommend it as well to our readers who haven’t checked it out yet.

If it does I hope they wait a while.

I’m reading a lot of Marvels and DCs right now… my opinion on Marvel Now is getting better but there’s still a few books I just don’t like.

Iron Man and Uncanny X-Force are the weakest ones so far, IMO.

I’m liking Bendis’ All New X-Men quite a bit and it has me going back and re-reading X-Men from the beginning. I’m around issue 45 or so, which means Xavier just died for the first time. But it certainly won’t be the last!

I like All New X-Men, but I also like Iron Man quite a bit. I think it’s different from Invincible but I think it has a lot of potential.

All New X-Men, Thunderbolts, Thor, and Young Avengers are my favorites so far.

I hate Deadpool and I’m probably going to give up on Thunderbolts soon. Thor is really good. I was worried after that first issue but it’s pretty amazing. Captain America is still a bit too weird.

Jason Aaron is an Alabama boy like myself, so I have a soft spot for his work.

Anyone reading Countdown Into Darkness?

No, what’s that???

Star Trek prequel comic… and I’m not.

It’s interesting! I like they’re genuinely keeping us guessing. The last page is a very strange reveal.

Do you think it’ll actually tie into the film?

That we covered here: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=99255. I think elements will– I don’t think April himself will.

Don’t think I’ve gotten that yet. Oh, right, I remember that. I have no idea who that is.

He was the first Captain of the Enterprise!

Well, X-Files just went to IDW so “Mars Attacks The X-Files” can’t be far behind! I don’t know how I feel about that…

I guess I just don’t care about Star Trek enough. I tried to read the adaptation of the original series using the movie characters and I lost interest in that too. I don’t really do well with franchise comics other than Marvel/DC superheroes. Even Doctor Who which used to be my favorite show as a kid.

I like some of the Green Hornet books over at Dynamite, plus I enjoyed the X-Files/30 Days of Night crossover whenever that was.

I’ve ignored most of the Mars Attacks books… I did like IDW’s Godzilla books but I fell way behind.. just like everything else.

Godzilla: Half Century War is wicked good, trade of that should be out soon.

Anyone reading the Death in the Family storyline in the Batman books?

I pick up Batman and Batgirl but those are the only ones that tie in that I read.

I’m done with DC except for trades.

Some of the other tie-ins have been lame. But I like Batman and Robin. Still not sold on Detective.

Batgirls is pretty great, it’s more twisted than Batman.

I don’t like the current artist as much as the original one.

One book I want to plug that I’m really liking is Hoax Hunters from Image.

Haven’t heard of that one. Also behind on Image… finally caught up on The Walking Dead over the holidays.They actually have introduced a sicker villain than The Governor

I’m not caught up, but how is that possible?

When you get to issues 95 and up you’ll see. Carl is also so much more a badass in the comics.

That I agree on.

I just wish that issues were a richer read though… go through them really fast.

That’s it for this episode of “Hero Chat”—make sure to let us know what you think of some of the topics we discussed in the comments below.