Hero Chat Episode 6 – February 2, 2013


Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going frucking NUTS with casting. Guardians is all speculation.

Oh, right, just heard about the Rhino casting… suddenly, everyone’s gonna want to talk to Paul Giamatti again.

Hah. Paul Giamatti for Rhino: Change the character’s physicality around drastically or go Mark Ruffalo/Hulk?

It’s an odd choice, for sure, and I’m a big fan of Paul, both as an actor and person.

He also may not be the full Rhino. It could be a setup for a Sinister Six in the next film (which is also sort of Spider-Man 6).

Oh yeah, they’re definitely going that route.

Sinister 6/sixth movie. Too easy.

that’s what they’ve been talking about, but isn’t there a danger of having too many villains? There’s also been rumors of Michael Morbius appearing.

Plus, it would let you reinvent Doc Ock in the next movie and not face the comparison with five other villians.

Nah that was bullshit.

I think people are way to quick to jump on “too many villians!” as a complaint.

The Dark Knight had a TON of comic book villains in it.

I agree Silas, we don’t know how little they might actually be in the movie and TDK is a good example.

And if you can make a villain team work, you have something as cool as The Avengers.

I think Rhino will have to be a full character but I do think it’ll be more of a CG thing. The video game showed the creation of lots of characters at Oscorp using a similar method as Lizard.

I think Rhino will end up being an armor suit ala Jeff Bridges Iron Monger.

Would love to see Kraven.

But are they ever going to reintroduce Doc Ock or Green Goblin? Or might they bring back the originals? Who both died if I’m remembering right.

With Dane DeHaan as Harry, they almost have to introduce Norman.

No way. I don’t see them brining anyone back.

I’m a huge Spider-Man fan but as soon as I think of them going into movies I realize how lame they really are.

I think Jamie Foxx as Electro is great casting.

And why don’t they ever have younger villains … Venom was the only one.

Immediately gives you lots of leg room.

Eh. Not a fan of Venom.

They have an opporunity for a young villain if they make Harry the Goblin right out of the gate.


What happened to Vulture? Who is playing Harry again?.

Dan DeHaan, baddie in Chronicle.

That makes sense that he would become the new Goblin. Wait, wasn’t he just at Sundance for Kill Your Darlings? Where were all the Harry Osborn scoops? 🙂

No idea. I don’t like Film Fests :p.

The only ‘scoop’ that came from it was the director of Kill Your Darlings said ‘He’s the Green Goblin’ which doesn’t really mean anything.

Yeah. But if makes the most sense to turn him into the new Goblin. Especially if they have someone test Oscorp stuff on him to help cure his father.

Good idea.

Then turn the death of Gwen into a love triangle thing.

So who is the guy in the jail cell at the end of Amazing Spider-Man? Is that Norman Osborn? I hope they don’t kill Gwen in this movie.

My guess is Mysterio.

Nah she’s signed on for two more.

Well Mysterio would fit into the Sinister Six.

I think it’s Electro.

Either Mysterio or Norman, that scene will come back as the Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man scene for this series I think.

He appears and disappears with the lightning.

Silas, does he?

They can do a lot with Mysterio. Turn him into a Houdini. Osborn’s messenger boy.

I’ve only seen the movie/scene once. But that would make sense.

He does, but he’s not related to Electro.

Yeah. And, while it’s clearly not Jamie Foxx, who’s to say that there’s not a team of Electros? I don’t remember what it was exactly, but there’s something on the commentary that hints at Electro, too.

I remember asking Webb about it and said no it definitely wasn’t. Which doesn’t mean much, but still.

Yeah but he also said he wasn’t going to do another one… remember all the rumors of him being unhappy?


Ah, interesting. Because he said Electro is set up in the first film, too. I wonder if there’s something we haven’t found.

Yeah, like 20 minutes of footage on someone’s floor.

I think there was a rhino in the background in Amazing Spider-Man Did that footage ever make the DVD?

What does everyone thing of Felicity Jones?

In the first film they should have had Connors show Parker around Oscorp, hinting at all the upcoming villains. More than likely Black Cat.

That would be awesome, but I doubt it.

Pietro, that’s in the video game.


I’m guessing Betty Brant.

The MJ/Gwen triangle is already going to be complicated. Betty Brant makes the most sense to me.

Who said there’s going to be a triangle in this movie?

Betty Brant would mean The Daily Bugle… I’m not sure they’re going to bother. Might as well keep Peter at Oscorp.

Just because MJ is in it doesn’t mean there will be. Felicity Jones is way too talented for a tertiary role like Betty that will only get 5 minutes of screentime.

And Black Cat is weirdly complicated for a film that already has all these characters to deal with. She could easily just be a romantic interest for Electro and/or Rhino.

There doesn’t need to be a love triangle. Gwen and MJ should become friends like in the comics. Then Peter has MJ after they kill of Gwen in the third.

Or at the end of the second 🙂

I don’t think so. Too soon.

Or Peter can dump both of them for the Black Cat.

If they kill her off in the second, the third will be the last. If they kill her in the third, that gives so much more anticipation for a fourth.

I just hope that, wherever it is, it’s some kind of surprise. Which is why I wouldn’t rule out the second.

If you’re a Spider-Man comics fan then it won’t be a surprise unless they change it entirely.

I agree Pietro… they need to change things up from comics.

Eric from CinemaBlend had this idea, which I like a lot… The film winds down and whoever they’re fighting is defeated. Osborn is behind some door but we haven’t seen him.

Ok ok now it’s going into fan fiction territory.

Suddenly it breaks out and, in a flash, a huge green shape grabs Gwen and crashed through the window. With no warning whatsover, she’s gone. That would be awesome and would get the shock of the death without replaying the bridge scene, which is a bit tired now.

Well they had a similar bridge scene in Amazing Spider-Man, too.

New York has a lot of bridges *shrug*.

Yeah, no matter what I hope there’s no bridge.

How will the Rhino play into it? That seems to be an odd pairing with Electro.

If she dies in any way than Peter trying to saver her it defeats the purpose of killing her. Oscorp experiments gone bad more than likely.

Well, Jamie Foxx kind of revealed a lot about Electro’s arc in the film which might make Rhino the main antagonist by the end. Unless they’ve changed that because he couldn’t stop talking about it.

I’m not sold on that, actually. The more I look at what he says, the more I wonder if he’s not talking about the comics only.

Or unless he was just talking.

Or both.

Both of those are likely.

All I know is that actors tend to know less about the movies they’re making then the directors/writers.


Especially before they start filming.


Finally, we talk about what comics we’ve been reading although Pietro had to leave at this point.