Hero Chat Episode 6 – February 2, 2013


So we mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy… James Gunn has written a script and the casting rumors are starting to get out there including the latest being Adam Sandler or Jim Carrey in a role, possibly Rocket Racoon. Now granted, some of these may be bullcrap… but if not, what do we think?

That it sounds terrible?


Bad news bears.

 Can one of you guys run through who has been mentioned for Starlord so far?


Lord, that list gets longer every day.

Do either of those guys bring value to the property?

Honestly, I’m a bit of waste when it comes to Guardians. I know NOTHING about the comics.

Ryan, they have names that people know.

And I can’t see Gunn going to those guys exactly.

I’m excited for the film, but that’s mostly for Gunn.

The question is whether either of them would jump on a potential franchise and sign Marvel’s ridiculous low-paying deal?

People know, but do they care? We’re talking about two “names” that have had many recent duds, no?

Joel Edgerton (Zero Dark Thirty), Garrett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), James Marsden (X-Men), Lee Pace (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2), Eddie Redmayne (My Week with Marilyn), Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas) and Sullivan Stapleton (Animal Kingdom)

Ryan, it sounded dubious to me too but if it’s just a voice role, maybe they’d do it?

For a voice role, sure.

Those were the short listed names for Star Lord. And the only ones that really make sense.

Well that seems to be a lot of very different types of actors

I doubt Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler will be associated with any Marvel properties.

I could see Joel Edgerton doing a Marvel movie in a second, Garrett Hedlund too.

Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell and Cam Gigandet Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Rosenbaum, Zachary Levi.

Yeah, Edgerton or Hedlund seem like the most reasonable.

Spencer, those were for the same role? JGL is out. That’s not happening.

Bentley I had to chuckle at. What’s he up for?

Ryan, apparently nothing, that’s why his agent leaked his name 🙂

At one time the rumor was all those names were for Star Lord.

Zackary Levi is in Thor as the new Fandral.

Next time I see him at my local Ralph’s I’ll ask.

Cam Giganet? lol

That’s why I thought Levi wouldn’t go anywhere.

Michael Rosenbaum.. is that who I think it is?

Luthor from Smallvile.

Yeah, Pietro, that one sounds lame too. Oh, no, not who I was thinking.

It sounds unbelievable. Maybe if they had an open casting call sure.

Giganet…no way.

But some of those names are just outlandish. Wes Bentley? C’mon now.

I’m a Hollywood agent and I’m going to “leak” names of all of my hot male clients to some website in hopes to garner attention.


Hopefully we don’t have to wait til Comic-Con to hear about casting for this though.

Spencer, if Marvel even goes to Comic-Con. D23 is less than a month later.

My prediction? The Marvel booth at SDCC this year has a life-size spaceship that looks exactly like one from the comics.

Silas, which spaceship? From Guardians?


I think we all thought that James Gunn would at least call on a few of his friends but it seems like Marvel Studios are going to take point on casting to make sure they have someone they can reuse.

Adam Sandler isn’t a damn voice actor anyone gives a shit about. Neither is Jim Carrey. They each serve their own purposes but not to get positive attention to voicing a comic book character in a major franchise. If Marvel were smart they’d get someone like James Earl Jones. THAT is a marketable name for a voice role.

I dunno… if I saw a commercial and it said “with Jim Carrey as the voice of Rocket Racoon” I’d be interested in seeing it.

Someone said Jason Statham, which I actually like a lot.

If they want grizzly for RR then Michael Rooker or James Remar would work best. Plus they’re relatively cheap.

 And Rooker is a pal of Gunn’s.

Marvel likes cheap.


Rooker’s name was immediately mentioned. I’m pretty sure he’ll be in it.

Would love to see some outside the box casting though. Like Norman Reedus for Star Lord.

Marvel sometimes goes out of the box, sometimes they go for obvious. I think with Guardians they need some known names to make up for the characters not being as known.

They need knowns at least for Star-Lord. Drax, Groot, and RR they can go elsewhere.

I think by the time it comes out they don’t need to worry about either characters or actors being known. Marvel as a brand is already going to be putting asses in seats post Avengers

They can get a known for Gamora.

Kerry Washington?

Yeah, only problem with that is she’ll be covered in makeup.

Olivia Thirlby would be pretty perfect. She earned her dues with Dredd.

I’d be fine with that.

I’d be okay with Olivia Thirlby.


In the next segment, we talk about the recent casting news for the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man