9 Things We Want to See in Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.


As I said earlier, this kind of media juggernaut has never been done before and Marvel Studios has mastered it. By creating a series of interconnected films and now putting a television series in that world, they’ve successfully managed creating this whole web of media that is profoundly profitable. The worst possible thing they could do at this point is to muck up the whole timeline of the franchises with this TV show. They almost messed this up just with the movies when The Incredible Hulk came out as their second feature, but in fact takes place after Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

Even beyond the timeline aspect, it’s important that Marvel maintains the same level of quality in the work (not that I’m too worried, look at who is in charge), because it’s a lot easier to get lost in what you’re doing when you’re making a new episode every other week as opposed to a new movie every three years.

Another thing Marvel can’t be afraid of trying is retconning. For those not familiar with the term it stands for “Retroactive continuity,” meaning you change something in the past with your new story. This is typically done with characters’ origins in comics. They’ve done this somewhat before in the films with the character of Howard Stark and how he appears and acts in Iron Man 2 and then shows up Captain America: The First Avenger as having had a hand in the Super Soldier Serum. Marvel should do their best to try this out just to create bits of info for potential stories in the future and for creating Easter Eggs for the fans that are paying attention.

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