Hero Chat Episode 4 – November 12, 2012


Editor’s note: At the time of this chat, the Kickstarter was not fully funded, which has since changed.

So I’m going to assume we all know about the kickstarter for The Goon movie?

Yup. Haven’t paid too much attention to all the Emails I’ve received.

I have indeed! I actually put money towards it!

As did I!

The Goon is one of my favorite series, and the stuff that Blur studios has put out there so far has been spectacular.

 However, a lot of people seem to think it’s cheap or greedy of Blur/Fincher/Powell to ask the fans for money instead of footing the bill. I don’t, but that’s a different conversation.

 I didn’t cause in The Producers, Nathan Lane says “Never Put Your Money Into the Play!”

 The concept art, that amazing 2-minute reel with Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown.

 Why is it do you think studios are so afraid to back this movie?

 How much money are they looking to raise with it?

 $400k;They’re almost at 300 with 5 days left.

 I assume it’s a more adult-oriented animated movie and those have rarely worked.

 Ha, no they actually have good reasoning behind it: If Fincher writes a check, then that only tells the studios this is a vanity project. By getting massive fan support, they’re sending a message. And the prizes are good to boot.

 Exactly! Seems a lot of people don’t get that though.

 I’ve never been involved with a Kickstarter.. how many of those actually deliver what’s promised?

 All the ones I’ve ever backed have come through.

 It seems like a lot of work for someone to pack up and ship all the rewards of a Kickstarter.

Well, the ones that succeeded. Yeah, it takes a long time.

 It’s understandable, because these guys have a lot of money, but the work Blur does is outstanding and this is a tough sell. Ed, are you familiar at all with Blur Studios?

Not really. I know a little about the project just from talking to Fincher and knowing the problems he’s had getting funding.

 They’re basically like Pixar with balls.

 They do a lot of video game trailers.

 They do lots of commercials, cut scenes for video games. The stuff they’ve done on Marvel properties and Star Wars games is in many ways better than the actual films. Truly. I encourage you and the readers to check out their clips on Blur.com, I swear I don’t work for them! I just want to see more stuff of the caliber they put out.

I guess I’d be more excited if I read any of The Goon comics. I’ve always tried to get into it but never quite managed. By the way, readers, Max actually is an artist and does animation so he knows what he’s talking about. And I’m not Max’s agent… yet!! πŸ™‚

Thanks Ed! The Goon is like a 1940s Warner Bros. cartoon if it was written by H.P. Lovecraft.

Yeah, I get the premise… I’m just not sure how it differs from Hellboy or The Spirit or the two combined.

 Different humor style really.

 It’s funnier, way funnier.

 I guess if this Kickstarter hits the $400k I’ll make an effort to catch up πŸ™‚

 Eric Powell is one of those guys where if he was only the writer or only the artist of that book he would be a genius, but the fact that he’s both is just stupid.

 Right now he’s co-writing it.

I like his artwork.. does the Blur stuff look like that art.

 His stuff is so amazing, especially any time Frankie stabs a monster “Knife to the eye!”

It’s more polished but it looks similar.

It matches pretty well. It feels like that world brought to movie life.

So what’s the end game of this Kickstarter? Once they have $400k, that’s enough? Or does that give someone else incentive to give them money?

Not just cannibalizing the books frame-for-frame ala Snyder/Rodriguez.

I thought Fincher said they needed $50 million.

But really bringing them to cinematic life.

With the Kickstarter they’re making a story reel to show to the studios and as backers we get an invite to a screening of it!

Of the story reel?


 Yep, all 4300 of them.

How much do you have to donate and will they fly you there?

I think any amount qualifies for the screening, but you have to get yourself there.

No flights, but even if you donate a dollar you’re invited.

So you’re invited… if you fly yourself πŸ™‚ Or will they just provide an online link?

It’s a bonafide screening, Powell will be there too. Easier for some of us than others.

As of right now they have 5 days left and are about 3/4 of the way to their goal.

I’m still dubious of Kickstarter stuff… seems like another way to separate fanboys from their money. And if someone like Fincher is raising money this way, where does it end? Maybe I’ll check it out and donate something. Because I’m curious now.

They’ve got great incentives. Lots of posters and comics and other artwork.

Totally, and $400 grand in itself is pretty amazing, but I’d encourage readers who aren’t familiar with the project or the comic to check both out here.

Max, you’re assuming they’re reading this and not just complaining that we don’t do it as audio/video πŸ™‚

I keep trying to get Powell to talk about it with me for SHH, maybe this will get his attention πŸ™‚

I love optimists.

If he’s not sponsoring a roller derby somewhere in Tennessee.

I live in Alabama so it’s not a far drive!



Get on that, Spence!

You hear me Powell?? I’ll bring the bourbon!


Next time I talk to Guillermo I’m going to talk to him about that, getting funding via Kickstarter for a project.



Exactly πŸ™‚

NEED: $150,000,000. SO FAR: $4,366 PAGE BREAK


On the next sectoin, we talk about directors who we think will become the next genre fan favorites.