The 7 Best James Bond Gadgets


As a kid, The Spy Who Loved Me was my favorite James Bond film. Now, as an adult, I realize that the film is really just one of the campiest and silliest entries in the Bond franchise, but I will always have a soft spot for it even though it is the epitome of a live action cartoon. It’s got a beautiful love interest in Barbara Bach and one of the scariest people I’d even seen on screen in Richard Kiel’s Jaws, but I think the thing that really drew me into the film was Bond’s new car, the Lotus Esprit. Trust me, when you’re a kid and you see a car drive into the ocean and turn into a submarine, it sticks with you.

The wheels fold in and four hydroplanes fold out to give Bond total control on his little submarine. In addition to the mud/ink/cement sprays that could be used on the road, the car featured harpoons, cable reels, torpedoes, and surface-to-air missiles. But the most useful thing is its ability to morph back into land mode, which Bond uses when the car springs a leak and drives back up onto a beach. The hidden submarine gag was later reused with little success in Octopussy – it was a one man submarine that was concealed in a fake crocodile.

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