The 7 Best James Bond Gadgets


While we know most of his equipment to be disguised in every day objects, this set the standard for all of his future gadgets. This case, presented to Bond in the second film From Russia With Love is the first real gadget that he’s equipped with in the series and it sets the bar high. The ‘standard issue’ briefcase contains: hidden straps on the inside with 50 Gold Sovereigns, a concealed throwing knife inside the latch release, an AR-7 sniper rifle with infrared sight and 20 rounds of ammunition hidden in the bottom of the case. But the part that Q should have been particularly proud of is the seemingly ordinary looking container of talcum powder. If the briefcase was opened incorrectly then the container, actually full of tear gas, would explode. Though at times it seems like the contents were put in together at random, they all come in handy for 007 and help save his life more than once throughout the film.

You can see the video of Q unboxing the case by clicking here.


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