The 7 Best James Bond Gadgets


If you watch the segments for each Bond film very closely, you will notice a continuing trend and it probably reveals something about the Quartermaster. What you will see in the films is that Q likes to put rocket launchers into every day things and they usually come in handy. The first hidden rocket was in the film You Only Live Twice where it was hidden inside of a cigarette, which Bond convinced his nemesis Blofeld to let him have as a last request. You can guess how it went from there.

The hidden rocket launchers took a break and returned in the film The Living Daylights. Though the rocket gadget was never used by Bond directly, it is seen being tested in the Q-Labs and it is referred to as the ‘Ghetto Blaster.’ An every day ‘boombox’ as we used to refer to them (younger readers can Google the term), but it was armed with and could hold up to three rockets at a time. It became a gag after that for a hidden rocket to be in the Q-Labs and it reemerged in GoldenEye when Q shows off the rocket hidden inside of a plaster cast.

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