The 7 Best James Bond Gadgets


It seems with every Bond film he gets a few new things: a new gun, a new car, a new suit, and a new watch. Now sometimes the watch is just a watch, but not as often as it has some kind of microscopic weaponry inside. The first gadget watch came in with the fourth Bond film Thunderball, in which Bond’s watch also functioned as a Geiger counter, pretty practical for a spy. Never Say Never Again, the non-cannon Thunderball remake, also had a gadget watch that featured a laser cutting tool. This same laser tool would show up in GoldenEye, which fans of the video game will remember fondly.

Four of Roger Moore’s films had gadget watches. Live and Let Die was a magnetic watch that had a rotating saw that Bond used to escape capture. The Spy Who Loved Me‘s was a receiver for MI6 messages that would print them out in small ticker format. The watch in For Your Eyes Only was similar but had a digital receiver where Bond could read the messages on the watch, and Octopussy had  a ‘finder’ built into it that worked in conjunction with a listening device in a pen given to Bond by Q.

All of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond films had gadget watches. The World is Not Enough featured a grappling hook watch that Bond used to escape certain death. Tomorrow Never Dies‘ watch had a detachable explosive that could be set off with the watch’s dial and Die Another Day‘s also featured a hidden explosive; however, the best aspect of the Die Another Day watch is when Q says he believes it is the 20th watch Bond has received (Die Another Day being the 20th Bond film).

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