9 Villains That Could Appear in the Batman Reboot

Though not the only Batman villain that deserves to be revisited on the big screen (Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy really need another try), the Riddler has so many intricacies and layers to him that there are hundreds of different ways that he could work in a film.
The Riddler is a very popular villain, but he has been interpreted so many different ways by writers and artists in the past that there’s no singular definition that is the ‘right one.’ The only things that carry over are his neurotic tendencies, his ego, and how he must always prove that he’s better. The “Arkham Asylum” games really embrace the ‘death trap’ side of the character where he can’t simply kill an opponent, but wants to show off how much smarter he is than the victim by putting them in Jigsaw-like contraptions. In “The Long Halloween,” he is shown as a wimpy informant type that no one really takes seriously. Sometimes he is shown simply as a maniac that will kill anyone who gets a simple riddle wrong, sometimes it’s robbing banks and leaving a trail of clues behind.
One way to make the Riddler really interesting and give him a nice arc is to allow him to go through all of these facets of the character in one long film. He can of course start as the neurotic bank robber eager to prove his intellect that leaves clues behind thinking no one will find it. From there he can gain a taste for killing, which leads to his fascination with deathtraps. Not only will the clues of his location offer for great Batman detective moments, but watching Batman figure out how to beat the traps that Riddler has created would be even better. After he’s defeated, we could see the broken Edward Nigma in Blackgate prison being made fun of by the other prisoners, plotting his way out.
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