9 Villains That Could Appear in the Batman Reboot

If you haven’t gathered it so far, many of the villains in the Batman rogues gallery are more than just the singular villain archetypes that people think of. Some just wear masks and kill people, some are organized crime members, and some, like Black Mask, are both.
Roman Sionis was born to a wealthy Gotham family and was (again) friends with Bruce Wayne growing up. When his parents were killed in a fire (that he started), Sionis inherited their company Janus Cosmetics. He made a few bad investments and as a result, their last ditch effort was a line of make-up that ended up disfiguring many women. His company was purchased by Wayne Enterprises and he focused all of his rage on Wayne from that point and quickly became an underground mob boss in Gotham, but not until he carved a mask from his father’s casket to wear.
One thing that Warner Bros. is going to want to keep for the reboot, for better or worse, is a similar tone to the Nolan trilogy. In keeping with that same tone, they’re going to want to have a hint of ‘real’ crime in the film, much like the first two had hints of the mafia. By using Black Mask in the film, we get a a taste of the mob as Mask spreads his hands out in the underworld and starts to take over, but then you also get to have fight scenes between him and Batman that will make fans love it.