9 Villains That Could Appear in the Batman Reboot

Professor Huge Strange operates on a different level from Batman’s other villains. While many are a physical force that keeps him on his toes and some are master planners that come up with criminal plans that surpass Batman’s detective skills, Strange has an intellect that rivals Batman. Many of Batman’s villains have a central theme or ability that they excel at, but Strange is an expert in psychology, biology and chemistry.
Strange was one of the villains created by the original Batman creators, Bob Kane and Bill Finger. While he was originally shown to simply rob banks (as most crimes were in ’40s comics), he did use his intellect to aid in the crimes. But the thing that separates Strange from Batman’s other villains is that he alone figured out his biggest secret, his identity.
Again, putting Hugo Strange in a Batman film has the advantages of realism and name recognition. Many fans that haven’t read a lot of comics are now very familiar with him thanks to the wonderful “Batman: Arkham City.” If the character is used in a similar capacity in the film it could work. Putting Strange in a position of power in the city would make him a more difficult target for the Batman, but it would also make his figuring out Batman’s identity a much more threatening plan.