Spidey Turns 50: The 9 Weirdest Moments in Spider-Man History

After Frank Miller wrote what is probably one of the best comics ever, The Dark Knight Returns, many editors thought that their superhero needed an equivalent story to it. This kind of “Last story” scenario would work alright for most heroes (Wolverine in Old Man Logan for example) but of all the other possibilities, the wholesome, family friendly, Spider-Man was chosen.
The story, titled Spider-Man: Reign, takes place in an alternate universe and features a view of New York that is rather different from how we know it now. An aging Peter Parker now works at a florist in the dilapidated and totalitarian New York with only the memories of his deceased wife Mary Jane and his past as Spider-Man left to comfort him. Through a series of events, he finds himself at the grave of Mary Jane and holds her dead body confessing that the reason she received cancer and died was from all the years of making love to him. Have a look for yourself…..

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