Spidey Turns 50: The 9 Weirdest Moments in Spider-Man History

After getting the radioactive spider bite treatment things haven’t ever been normal for Peter Parker, but some times have been considerably more normal than others. Multiple times throughout his tenure as Spider-Man he’s gone through additional changes to his physical make up, most of which end up making him more spider than man.
In one story arc dubbed “The Six Arms Saga,” the unthinkable happens to Spider-Man. After the death of Captain George Stacy and learning that Harry Osborn is a drug addict, and thinking that both of these things are his fault for being the web slinger, he creates a chemical that he believes will nullify his spider powers. After drinking it, and a night full of dreams where he fights his rogues gallery, Peter wakes up to find he’s grown, you guessed it, four more arms. With a bit of a cop-out ending, he is returned to his two armed state by an antidote for himself and Dr. Curt Conners which returns them both to normal, at least as normal as you can get being Spider-Man and the Lizard.
Two more instances where he goes beyond the level of man and becomes a giant spider have occurred. Once in a visit to the Savage Land, he is transformed into a giant spider that is cleverly titled Man-Spider. Then again during the “Avengers Disassembled” story arc, he is transformed into a giant spider by an enemy called the Queen. This transformation is more like a werewolf wherein he first just grows extra eyes and some more hair but then he’s totally morphed into (another) giant spider. The giant spider dies at one point and Peter reemerges from its body, unharmed.
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