Spidey Turns 50: The Many Costumes of Spider-Man!

Spider-Man is now fifty years old, and he doesn’t look a day over 28. This month, we’re celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the webhead here at SuperHeroHype with a series of featured articles about Spider-Man. In 1962, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko took to creating a story for what would be the final issue of the canceled title “Amazing Fantasy.” They had no idea when they wrote this character that he would go on to become one of the biggest pop culture juggernauts ever. Spider-Man may have one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, but it hasn’t always looked the same throughout the years.

The Wrestler” (1962)

Soon after Peter Parker gained his incredible abilities, he thought about all the different things he could do with those powers. He saw a sign offering $100 to any man that can stay in the ring with “Crusher Hogan.” When he showed up in this outfit, he was laughed at and the wrestler refers to him as “Masked Marvel.”


The Spider-Man!” (1962)

After his adventure in the ring, Peter ran home to design a better outfit. In a short amount of time, he put together his very first outfit (and web shooters) and proudly proclaimed, “Here comes the Spider-Man!”


 Lose the Webs!

This is probably the Spider-Man outfit that most people are familiar with. It’s never been explicitly said why sometimes his costume has the little webs or why it doesn’t, it’s often simply artist interpretation.


The Black Suit (1984)

While the regular suit is his most familiar, the black suit is definitely his most popular ever! Spidey first got the suit on another planet in the midst of an event called “Secret Wars.” Peter took a shine to this suit because it could be morphed into any other clothing and it generated a nearly endless supply of webbing.


The Amazing Bag-Man (1984)

As we all know now, the black suit was actually the alien symbiote that turned to be not the friendliest alien in the universe. After ditching the symbiote in a bell tower, he quickly went to the Fantastic Four for help with his lack of clothing. Johnny Storm couldn’t resist dressing Parker this way.


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