Spidey Turns 50: The Many Costumes of Spider-Man!


Identity Crisis: Ricochet (1998)

Spider-Man was framed for murder during this time and had to assume the identity of a few different ‘heroes’ before he could come back as Spider-Man. The first was Ricochet, who posed as a criminal for hire in an effort to bring down many bad guys. The identity was taken up later by Johnny Gallo.


Identity Crisis: The Hornet (1998)

The second identity that Peter took on was The Hornet. Peter used a jetpack, Scarlet Spider’s sedative stingers, and his super strength. He couldn’t fool the Vulture, who figured out he was Spider-Man, but the Human Torch didn’t catch this, warning him to stay away from Spider-Man. Eventually, Eddie McDonough became The Hornet.


Identity Crisis: Dusk (1998)

Peter took this costume from the Negative Zone and used it to blend into the shadows and become practically invisible. With this costume, Spider-Man could also glide around. The Dusk persona was later picked up by a young girl named Cassie St. Commons.


 Identity Crisis: Prodigy (1998)

This costume was created and designed entirely by Mary Jane. He was described as a “typical good guy” hero with bullet proof armor, super strength, and the ability to leap from building to building. He quickly became much more popular and received a lot more notoriety than Spider-Man did. A young man named Richie Gilmore later became the new Prodigy.


Ultimate Spider-Man (2000)

The Ultimates line was launched to serve as a pseudo-reboot for Marvel. They wanted to take their characters and modernize them. Seen here is the Ultimate version of Spider-Man. He’s not much different than the regular Spider-Man.


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