Hero Chat Episode 2 – August 10, 2012


Some of the biggest hubbub on the internet in the last couple weeks has been over the Man of Steel teasers, which many felt was a letdown after the footage shown at Comic-Con (which I only saw after the fact)… The question is this… even with Nolan acting as executive producer, is there anyway this can be a good Superman movie? Or are we going to see something so dramatic and artsy that it loses some of the fantasy of Superman? Go!

Speaking as someone who’s loved just about everything zack snyder has done, i’m optimistic.

I think it will be a different kind of Superman movie but still not the kind of Superman movie that fans want.

But what do the fans want? Do they want a straight remake of Richard Donner’s Superman?

Especially after that piece that some folks ran about the rumored action style of the film wherein Supes uses broken building pieces as throwing stars.

I missed that one. I do know that they don’t want a sequel to that movie with Superman having a kid, that’s for sure!

No, but I think fans want something more optimistic and noble than the sort of pondering “what does it mean to be a human and be a hero” stuff that this movie seems to be.

They also want more flying and punching than wandering around with self discovery.

What I liked about those teasers is that it was exactly that… a tease. It just was used to introduce the idea to Dark Knight Rises moviegoers that Nolan is overseeing a Superman movie directed by Zach Snyder. Because I honestly think that there would be people out there that didn’t know.

I think that Nolan’s influence on this film could hurt it mor ethan help it, as dark and angsty is his bag….

You’re both absolutely right. They want a real action movie with Superman doing big heroic things and fighting large powerful villains.


I’m hoping there’s more of Zack Snyder than of Chris Nolan, and I know this will get people mad at me, but Snyder does the flying and punching and being active thing better than Nolan.

Is Hans ZImmer doing the music for the movie? I can see him doing something more John Williamsy if he wanted.

He is.

I think that the first set of teasers we saw are for The Dark Knight Rises fans… They’re sort of a “you like this? Well, then you’ll love this…” campaign.

I totally agree. I have a lot more confidence in Zack Snyder than many writers in our business, especially fanboys. Coming from a commercial background, he knows how to deliver to clients, in this case, the fans.

I’m more excited for Michael Shannon as Zod than anything, though he is an overused villain IMO.

As we get distance from TDKR, I think we’ll start seeing more of the stuff we recognize from Snyder. Amazing action sequences and such in the teasers, and less of the brooding Batman-like stuff.

I’m bummed Silas isn’t here for this since he saw the Comic-Con footage in Hall H but it seemed like there was a lot of stuff flying past and I wasn’t able to catch most of it in smaller screen format. I would love to see a trailer with more dialogue/story, maybe with The Hobbit.

Yeah, I only saw it after the fact, too. And yeah, I want to see more in the trailer. To be honest, as optimistic as I am about the movie, I’m a little confused about what story it’s telling.

Yeah, I don’t know if I can deal with another origin story super hero movie.

You know what they’re going to do, right? They’ll have an IMAX only teaser with The Hobbit in IMAX, much like they did with Dark Knight (because it’s worked twice) Yeah, I don’t want another Superman origin, though wasn’t that part of what was missing from Superman Returns?

I’m okay with origin stories as long as they’re done well and add something to the story rather than retell it. But I can’t tell if this is a story about Superman being retired, or something that has him discovering his powers later in life, or something else entirely…

I can remember next to nothing about that movie except for Spacey as Luthor and that kid who was Superman’s son.


 No, what was missing from Superman Returns was Superman punching something… anything, really.

The Superman kid has more action scenes than Supes.

I’m still not sold on Cavill yet which is what they really need to do with these teasers/trailers.

I stick by my opinion that Brandon Routh was a great Superman in a bad movie. But I think Cavill will be a good Superman, too.

Man of Steel should end with an end credits scene where the kid shows up and goes “I’m Superman’s son from another dimension.. prepare to die!” I’ve read too many Superman comics from the ’60s and ’70s.

Oh, I hope Brandon Routh shows up and punches a hole in reality…. And then we can have FINAL CRISIS: THE MOVIE.

We need a Superman movie written by Grant Morrison.

Yes, yes we do.

He’s writing hundreds of other things, why not?

I would buy 10 tickets to a Grant Morrison Superman movie. And I’m not a big Superman fan, or a fan of everything Morrison has done. But I would love to see that movie.

So I think we’re still in a “wait and see” pattern with Man of Steel… just like we are with every other superhero movie coming out next year 🙂 Although a lot of people have already made their mind up, as is often the case.

Sadly, that’s true.

Welcome to the Internet.

Okay, it’s fine by me if we end there… Rick, do you have anything else to add?

Guys, I’ve already decided that this is BEST HERO CHAT EVER.


Look for the next episode of Hero Chat sometime in the next few weeks.

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