Hero Chat Episode 2 – August 10, 2012



Is it alright if I spoil Item 47 for people? It’s sort of involved in my theory.

Only if you write “spoiler alert” in capital letters.


Works for me!

(averts eyes)


(And we’ll add an additional BIG SPOILER ALERT for the Avengers short Item 47 for those who haven’t seen it.)

So, Item 47 ends with the two criminals having joined SHIELD because Jesse Bradford is a scientific genius. I suspect it’s just a one-off gag, but some people have speculated that he could become Ant-Man, which kind of makes sense with the IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN comic. People have thought he could be Ant-Man. I’m not convinced.

Jesse Bradford as Ant-Man? Or one of the other characters? You have to remember that Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were writing Ant-Man even before Robert Kirkman did Irredeemable Ant-Man, like years before.

But it got me thinking…. But the suit in the footage is definitely the Irreedeemable version, but I don’t think Bradford has name-recognition. So here’s my crazy thought… What if it’s Lizzy Caplan?

Well, the first guy to wear the suit in Irredeemable wasn’t the eventual Ant-Man…

Does she have more star power than Jesse Bradford?

I think she does and I think that would work as a twist. And years and years ago Wright said that the script had both Henry Pym and Scott Lang.

That’s true, but I’m dubious of a female Ant-*MAN* and Lizzy Kaplan is neither of them.

The whole fanboy community feels that way Ed.

But you still have Pym. He makes the suit and it gets stolen by someone. We’re not sure who, and if it’s the irreedeemable route, it could be a SHIELD agent.

I would put money down on that not happening… but it’s an interesting theory and I still think you need to do that conspiracy podcast, Silas.

Yeah, I agree that it’s crazy and just a thought.

Yeah, I’m with Ed on that one. I don’t think a gender-swap would work well with this one, given what we know… but I think it’s a great thought.

I think Ant-Man will have to be tied into SHIELD somehow but I don’t think Edgar Wright will have the budget to have the Helicarrier or any of the other things for long.

But I do think that it leads to the idea of Ant-Man being treated like Iron Man and the suit being passed around.

I’d love to see that movie, even if it is unlikely.

Especially if we have an older Pym.

I think with a property as unknown to the public as Ant-Man you need star power.

But Marvel has definitely explored the possiblity in the not-too-recent past.

I also think you need starpower but I do know that Edgar Wright would probably want someone more unconventional… and Thor did work with Chris Hemsworth.

Thor was pretty unknown at the time, too…


Two hero chats in a row where Ed got a jinx.

The Marvel Adventures comics made Janet Van Dyne “Giant-Girl” instead. My personal vote is for Bruce Greenwood to play an older Pym.

I really haven’t thought about Ant-Man casting though the fan favorite is of course Fillion.

The thing is that having a female Ant-Man would have required a lot of rewriting after Marvel had the idea to do Item 47, but this is a script they’ve been developing literally for 6 years. Anyone who read my Avengers piece on SHH knows who I want, and it’s even more unconventional than Jesse Bradford or Lizzy Kaplan.

It’s DJ Qualls, isn’t it, Ed?


Rick, how did you guess? I think DJ Qualls is the frontrunner for Forbush Man, though.

As long as he gets a role, I’m satisfied.

Honestly, I doubt it connects. But it did get me thinking that there are interesting ways you could approach the property

Anyway, that’s an interesting theory but I don’t see it flying… thanks for spoiling Item 47 for all our readers though, Silas! 🙂 And me…



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