Hero Chat Episode 2 – August 10, 2012


TOPIC #2 – The Marvel Universe TV Show

The recently proposed “Marvel Universe TV show.” Will we ever actually see this and who/what do you want to see involved?

That was one of those stories that immediately made me completely dubious of it ever happening. I think it’s one of those “let’s announce it so that we have the right to the idea” kind of things.

Wow. Yeah, I’m not holding my breath for that one… I’d love to see it, but I’m terrified of how it might turn out..

The sky’s really the limit, but going the route of something like “The Pulse” would make sense– A newspaper in the Marvel Universe

Let’s face it… making superhero TV shows are expensive and the quality can never be up to the standards of the movies unless you get a Vince Gilligan or someone like that onboard.

Well they already have Joss…..

Silas, that’s a good idea, but wouldn’t it then be like the Newsroom with lots of people walking around talking about whatever the superheroes are doing? Sounds boring.

I think that’s exactly how you have to handle it. Take the Powers approach… like a Gotham Central or Pulse or such.

Set it in the Mojoverse and just make X-Babies.

I’d watch that.

Okay that’s the second mention of Mojo this chat… surely, we need to have limits 🙂

Maybe they should get some input from the people who make those superhero porn films. They seem to have a great grasp on how to mesh lots of different superheroes together with some, er…. success?! Okay, maybe not…

This is for ABC, not Cinemax, Rick ☺ Weren’t they talking about doing a crime drama in the world of Star Wars at one point? That’s what this sounds like. Like The Pulse or Gotham Central, which make good comics but what sets them apart as television?

Probably the amount of issues/episodes. Comics get away with once a month, TV needs once a week.

Runaways would probably work as a TV show and give as much or as little access to the Universe proper as they want.

Runaways WOULD make a good TV show.

I think a SHIELD show could work. Plenty of mention of the other heroes and opportunity to introduce more characters through missions/what have you.

But they’d really need a decent sized budget and Heroes, ultimately, was a failure. And Samuel Jackson will show up at the end of Season One for one shot… KACHING!

Anyone else remember the Generation X pilot that became a TV movie?

Silas, that sounds familiar. Did it have any of the actual characters from the comics, though?

It was mid-90’s. Around the same time as the Hasselhoff Nick Fury movie. A couple of them. Emma Frost was there.

Oh, that long ago? It really sounds familiar but I thought it was more recent. Was it any good? Rick, Spencer, did you guys see it?

And Banshee, too, I think. They made up a bunch.

Yeah, Generation X was… interesting. It was one of those things where you can see the potential and admire the chutzpah that got it made, but can’t help wishing it was a little better.

I was 7.

Still, some of the best ratings Smallville ever got was in the final seasons when they started bringing in all of the other DC characters….

I’m embarassed but I still have never seen Smallville, only that JSA special which I thought was pretty bad. (Sorry Geoff Johns)

Smallville is probably the gold standard for something like this, which is one of the reasons Runaways would work pretty well.

 I have the entire series on dvd here, ed. let’s do a 2-week marathon!!!!

Rick, I’m in. Why isn’t it on Netflix? I need something to watch now I’m done with “Breaking Bad.” But there are certain expectations with the Marvel movies. They can’t bring in some young hot actor playing Tony Stark, it wouldn’t work. So do we think it could work with the right showrunner and maybe only loosely involving superheroes? Or would it be just like any other show?

I think it could work with good talent behind it and superhero mentions. I’d watch it and I think a lot of other folks would too.

Sadly, i think that’s why something like Runaways will have trouble. The characters will either be aged up to hot young actors/actresses, or aged down so audiences see them as “super-cute.”

I know, they can have a show about paranormal investigators led by Dr. Strange since who knows what’s going on with that movie. Sure, we’d all watch it, but I’d rather ABC get going on a Fables show… or let HBO take it.

I’m still holding out hope for that Preacher HBO show.

Oh, absolutely. Though the recent flood of faerytale shows has sort of stalled that out.

Certain shows could lead into bigger movies as well, maybe crossovers?

And the opportunity to introduce characters they plan on using in the movies.

I think the biggest obstacle is fan’s expectations. With tv shows featuring superheroes, fans have to come to terms with the fact that it won’t be like The Avengers movie.

I think any Marvel movie would have to be a letdown after The Avengers… except maybe Avengers 2. I think Marvel Comics had the same issue in the ’70s and ’80s because the Avengers has always been a strong seller when the big guys were together.

Plus with the build up of anticipation for the Thor/Cap subtitles.

What if they just did a series based on some of the supporting characters from Avengers and the Marvel universe? A show about Bucky’s time between Cap and Cap 2, perhaps… Or a show about the Warriors Three…

Maybe do a slew of Mini-series those can only last so long.

I still haven’t seen the Item 47 short from the Avengers blu-ray… does that seem like a possibility for a spin-off show? I’d rather see TV movies to be honest.

Maybe that’s the way into it w/out compromising your lead characters…

It could sort of lead to a SHIELD show potentially.

I don’t expect Jesse Bradford’s new show Men with Babies to last long… (Sorry, Jesse)

Of course, a Daredevil TV series might actually work, w/ Matt Murdock dividing his time between lawyering and busting heads. It might actually work better as a tv show than a movie…

I’m so there for that.

That’s actually a really good idea, though I don’t see it happening with the announcement of a new movie. The problem is that i’m not sure Fox has the rights to do a TV show and there’s lots of legal issues there.

There you go again, spoiling all my fun with totally credible facts. 🙂

I want to be a supervillain called Fanboy Fun Spoiler. My nefarious master plans will include replacing all the Star Wars blu-ray discs with Star Wars Episode 1 discs. Fox has to make a movie to keep the rights. If they lose or give up or sell the rights, Marvel/Disney/ABC could do it.

What about a TV MOVIE?!?! *dun dun DUNNNNNNN* It could be like that old Man-Thing movie that was originally a theatrical release but ended up as a Syfy original movie… and was awesome. Okay, so maybe “awesome” isn’t the right word… It… existed.

I’m not sure I ever saw that. I really wanted to. That was part of the Lionsgate/Artisan deal, right?

Oh, I have the DVD. I paid actual dollars for it. It is gloriously bad.

Anyway, there are a lot of things they could do but maybe they shouldn’t hype it as much about being in the Marvel Universe unless they have Joss Whedon involved.

And yeah, that was part of that deal, I believe.


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