Hero Chat Episode 1 – August 1, 2012


And we’ll put in a SPOILER WARNING here because if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, you may want to skip ahead to the next page.

Ed: I figure we should talk a little bit about “Dark Knight Rises.” What interests me is the weird semi-backlash/backtrack on this one. Some people are saying it’s the greatest ending ever, some say that the ending sucks and ruins the whole thing. Not sure how spoilerish we want to get on this but has anyone else noticed that there seems to be less concensus on this one? And I mean WILDLY differing opinions even among those who loved Dark Knight.

Yeah there’s not much of a middle ground on the ending but I’m kind of in the middle about the way it ended, ironically.

Personally, I thought the ending saved the movie. I was really kind of not that into the movie into the last hour and I thought that was just a really nice way to close the trilogy.

I have to admit, the more I think about it, the less I like it.

I really liked the ending, the only thing I wasn’t wild about was they ‘tortured’ Alfred emotionally and then 2 minutes later it’s all good.

 Alfred needs to stop being such a cry baby.

The same could be said for Bruce.

My trouble is mostly the eight year jump.

Because if you think about it, he was only Batman for maybe a year.

If he hasn’t been around for eight years, fighting Bane and losing has less of an impact. And he’s less of a Gotham legend than a weirdo who did something three times over a decade.

I don’t, I think it’s a good way to depict getting older. He can’t do this forever.

Well, apparently, he was only doing it for a year. So he fights Ra’s al Ghul, fights the Joker, gets defeated and quits for 8 years.

So he’s really James Cameron.

Yeah, the Joker tells the other criminals that a year ago they wouldn’t have been afraid. So there’s less than a year between Begins and Dark Knight.

I don’t think many people will nitpick and think he was only doing it for a year. To moviegoers he’s been Batman for 7 years.

Maybe not, but that’s because they have 70 years of comics and 22 years of movies. Do you think that as a stand-alone trilogy… as three movies about a character named Batman, do you think Dark Knight Rises fits as the finale? Imagine this is a DC Comics limited series, three issues, prestige format… so what’s that $7.99 each?

Plus, they ripped of Star Trek II! With the Tale of Two Cities quote at the funeral. I know it’s nitpicky, too, but I could have really used a line about Arkham getting moved to another city or something. Actually, one of my troubles watching them all back-to-back is how they don’t fit together visually. Gotham doesn’t look anything alike in any of the three films.

Silas, that bothered me, too, and I could see that being distracting if you watched all three movies together.

I have to agree about the city’s look. Kind of took you out of it.

 I only saw bits of Batman Begins recently but I noticed the change between that and Dark Knight.

It’s also troubling that the US government would not do anything for five months while terrorists take over an entire city.

Don’t forget that Nolan’s from England and he’s used to the government not doing anything 🙂

And it’s weird that Bane publically announces that the bomb will go off in five months. You really think there would be SOME plan in effect when it gets down to the wire. Instead of having an officer stand by the bridge and shoot people who try to leave.

But then Batman wouldn’t be needed.

We did see jets fly past Gotham, that was really the only other thing the government did.

Spencer, I’ve talked to you less about TDKR than the other two… did you have strong feelings against any of it? I didn’t get the impression that *everyone* was as dissatisfied as us. Josh Starnes, our other critic, gave it 9/10. A couple filmmakers I’m following thought it was fantastic.

I did, I felt like a lot of the writing was kind of lazy and dumbed down. The big plot holes in it bothered me.

Interesting… so it’s definitely looking like Dark Knight Rises left many disappointed. Will any of you see it again? I know I plan on it.

I think it’s satisfying for a summer blockbuster but lackluster as far as a film with any weight. I can wait for Blu-ray.

I will but only after I watch the other two again, but I’m not hurrying.

Yeah, I really want to see it again in IMAX. I really liked how they fixed Bane’s voice. It was terrible in the December preview. I couldn’t understand it at all. This time in IMAX it was really clear.

Me neither. I remember leaving that preview with a big confused look on my face.

I caught tidbits of the dialogue in the preview, mostly “the fire rises” line. I think that Tom Hardy made the movie for me.

I agree with both of you… I just wonder if Dark Knight set the bar way too high and Rises could never live up to it.

I really liked it, it was a satisfying and fitting ending to this Batman.

And as much as I had little nitpicky problems with it and some things made me roll my eyes I agree with Mirko in terms of conclusion. Fitting end for this series? Yes. For the character in general? Not a chance.

Wish we could see more of Anne’s Catwoman, but that’s probably not going to happen.

And I’ll be very happy if I can someday marry a woman who looks as good as Anne Hathaway in leather.

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