The Dark Knight vs. the Films of 2012

Before they were known as one of the most consistently impressive writer and artist teams in comics, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips worked together on a 2001 Elseworlds one-shot called Gotham Noir, reimagining the Batman mythos through the eyes of police officer James Gordon, a straight cop in a mob-ruled 1949 Gotham City.
Although none of the specific characters from Ruben Fleischer’s upcoming Gangster Squad make a direct appearance, the story offers a pretty solid parallel, swapping Los Angeles for Gotham and Sean Penn’s mob king Mickey Cohen for Boss Anthony Zucco. It is a pretty good bet, however, that the September 7th release won’t have Josh Brolin’s Sgt. John O’Mara getting help from a shadowy figure of the night known only as “The Bat”.
After Gotham Noir, Brubaker and Phillips would return to present-day, in-continuity Gotham City for the 40-issue fan-favorite series Gotham Central.