The Dark Knight vs. the Films of 2012

Batman and Judge Dredd actually hang out quite a bit. Dredd’s creator, John Wagner wrote (with fellow 2000 A.D. scribe and Batman: The Abduction author Alan Grant) no fewer than four different crossover tales in the 1990s. The first, Judgement on Gotham features painted art by Simon Bisley and is — arguably — completely canonical for both characters.
The book opens with Judge Death having stolen an experimental belt that allows him to jump between dimensions. Using it, he’s wound up in Gotham City in the DC Universe and goes toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight. During the battle, however, Batman grabs the belt and winds up getting transported to 2000 A.D.’s Mega-City One and it’s not long before he runs into and butts heads with Judge Dredd himself.
Although Dredd wants to try and punish Batman on the spot, Psi-Judge Anderson reads Bruce Wayne’s mind and learns that he’s telling the truth. They form a reluctant partnership and wind up bringing down Death (who, in Gotham, has teamed with the Scarecrow).
One of the most solid crossovers on this list, Judgement on Gotham manages to nail both characters while throwing in a few moments that it’s hard for any fan to resist. For instance, this brilliant panel: