9 Things You May Not Know About The Dark Knight Series

Rachel Dawes was one of the few characters for the series created from the filmmakers’ imagination for the film. Why do this though? There are plenty of other characters within the pantheon of Batman lore that have served as both love interests for Bruce and been integral to the plot of the story, so why create an entirely new one? Was it to leave a mark on the character and the universe? As a fan that does sound like something one of us would do given the chance to write Batman.
Nope, the real reason is a lot more simple and yet complex. Originally, Rachel was created to serve in the place of Harvey Dent. In the forward for the Absolute Edition of The Long Halloween (which would later serve as a heavy influence for The Dark Knight), Christopher Nolan and David Goyer admit that Dawes was created on their part because they didn’t think they could do Harvey Dent justice on film.
This is pretty ironic when you think about it now in hindsight. Within their collective forward on the graphic novel, they’re pretty heavy into pre-production on The Dark Knight and they already knew they would have Harvey Dent in it. Now that we’re about eight years later from the production of Batman Begins, it’s hard to imagine that there was a time that Harvey Dent as a character was considered “unobtainable” by Nolan and company.