9 Things You May Not Know About The Dark Knight Series

Another thing that you won’t notice or even really think about when you first watch The Dark Knight, but Two Face’s coin is a fortune teller. In the sequence at the end of the film with Dent, Batman, and Gordon all having the coin flipped for them to determine their fate, the coin predicts the fate of all three characters. The ‘good’ side lands up for Gordon and Dent, and the ‘bad’ side for Batman. We all now know after having seen the film that Dent and Gordon are perceived as ‘good’ by the public while Batman is now known as the ‘bad’ guy. The first few trailers for The Dark Knight Rises only confirmed this for us.
So was it all clever writing on part of the Nolans or a coincidence? I’m guessing the former, considering the ending of The Dark Knight, though they didn’t know how they would proceed in a sequel so some of it might have been coincidence.