The 10 Comics We DON’T Want to See From Marvel NOW!

There’s not a lot of interest in this character, which in turn would mean that he could use a relaunch. But if you follow comics, you know that they did this just last year. I don’t know if Bendis had a finite amount of stories he wanted to tell with the character, but it didn’t last a long time by Marvel standards.
Just because I don’t think the self titled Moon Knight book should make a return, doesn’t mean that he won’t still show up in the relaunch. Rick Remender’s Avengers book is already confirmed to have over 18 members on the team. This might seem a little excessive to some, myself included, but from what Marvel is saying about his run it will have smaller more personal stories for the characters. This could be a cool idea or could not work at all.
Likelihood of happening: Like I said, a title for the character himself? No way. Appearance in a team book? More than likely, since more than one Avengers book is being launched there’s plenty of room for him on one of the teams.
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