The 10 Comics We DON’T Want to See From Marvel NOW!

I know I also said Captain America should be rebooted, but hear me out. If you read the other piece you will know that I think a pulp inspired, WWII-centric Captain America comic would be a killer idea on Marvel’s behalf. It would embrace the history of the character and get a chance to tell stories that aren’t being done currently at either of the big two. Also, with the fish out of water Captain America that was so popular in this summer’s The Avengers I’m going to bet Marvel has that in mind.
A modern day Captain America would sell really well, don’t get me wrong, but haven’t we seen enough of that? Cap has been un-frozen and out of the war-zone for, what, twenty years? Yeah it’s fun to see modern day heroics being performed by the most patriotic of all the Marvel characters, but taking him back to his roots could provide for a fantastic comic. Let’s be honest too, who WOULDN’T buy a Captain America comic that on the cover had him punching Hitler?
Likelihood of happening: Oh it’s happening. Alonso confirmed it already with CBR, but what interpretation of the character will be in the book is yet to be seen. I’m guessing that I’m wrong and a pulp Cap will not be on the list of Marvel NOW! Books. Hey Marvel, contact me about this, I’ll do it.
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