The 10 Comics We Want to See From Marvel NOW!

Thor is a tricky one. The current Thor series is still a youngling in comparison to the others (it’s only on issue 15 as compared to the upper 500/600s that other titles have). Taking a look at the way Thor is drawn in that teaser picture for EW it looks like he’s sporting two swords on his back in addition to Mjolnir which would imply that he’s a more combat/war-based Thor than what many people will be expecting. Though you do have to question why he needs the two swords when he does have the hammer.
I think the best way to relaunch Thor would be to place emphasis on him as a god, his interactions with the other gods and the other realms of the world. Sure you can have him on Earth doing heroic things and interacting with the other heroes but in that isn’t his real home, his heart will always be in Asgard. Maybe alternate all the arcs between time spent on Earth and time spent amongst the gods. Plus, expect to see Loki looking a lot more like Tom Hiddleston with much less green than usual.
Likelihood of happening: Absolutely. CBR confirmed this one as well.