The 10 Comics We Want to See From Marvel NOW!

Now I love Jason Aaron. We’re both from Alabama, we both have beards, and his book Scalped is one of the best crime books ever made, but what he’s been doing on The Incredible Hulk is down right silly at times. There’s a lot of interesting ideas behind the stories he’s been telling with the Hulk but they just don’t fit into everyone’s idea of what the Hulk is and I think that is where Marvel is shooting themselves in the foot. After the general public love-fest for the Hulk after the Avengers one would think a series modeled after how he was in the film would be hitting shelves, and not that that would be outright better than Aaron’s run has been but it would be more attractive to non-regular comic readers.
That’s where Marvel has to start. There’s a few ways that this can go down. They can either model the Hulk book after the way the character is in the film or they can go the route of tying it into the newest cartoon series Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Or they could do both. Anyone, having the Hulk fight Russian Space Bears, Kraven the Hunter, and Mexican drug cartel dog-people does sound like silly Hulk stories, but it’s not the kind of material that is particularly inviting to new readers
Likelihood of happening: With Aaron already confirmed to be bringing his Incredible Hulk run to a conclusion, along with the inclusion of the Hulk in the EW picture, I’d say this is a solid bet.